Quality & Safety

Frigo-Junior cold storage is located at the center of high-quality raspberry, blackberry and plum farms. The purchase of fresh fruit is organized within only 10 km around the cold storage, thus creating the preconditions for delivering the best quality raw material to the cold storage.
Given the location of the cold storage, the fruit is frozen immediately after harvest, within an optimal time period, which is a guarantee of high-quality final IQF product and which preserves all organoleptic properties and nutritional value of fruit.
As we always strive to provide high quality, safe and healthy products to our customers, we strictly control all stages of production, from primary production, control of raw material receipt, control of freezing, sorting, packaging processes to delivery of finished products.
We are continually educating our fruit producers about good agricultural practice, integral fruit protection (controlled use of fertilizers and pesticides) and harvesting hygiene in order to produce quality and healthy fruit.
As part of our control of agricultural producers and complete traceability of goods, this year we plan to open an agricultural pharmacy within the company.
We sort the fruit using the latest laser technology - the Optyx 3000 Key Technology – a laser technology-based system that sets the parameters for separating and sorting products by color, structure and shape.
Frozen, sorted fruit is packed in accordance with the legal provisions, our specifications and customer specifications.

Global Food Safety Standards

All stages of production are in line with the requirements of global food safety standards, starting from primary production and the application of Global G.A.P, then BRC and IFS standards. We are EOS and NOP certified for organic production.

As the company is based in Arilje, the western part of Serbia, whose geographical position, continental climate, optimal temperatures and precipitation levels influence the fact that the quality of raspberry produced in this area stands out in relation to raspberries produced in other parts of the world in terms of its organoleptic and chemical properties, we are participating in the initiative to protect the geographical origin of raspberry produced in this region. For now, we own a certificate that is recognizable in the Republic of Serbia, and we have the ambition to make the origin name ARILJE RASPBERRY recognizable across Europe.


Statements and Policy

the future of our business depends on the long- term availability of safe and quality fruit