Frigo-Junior company

was founded in 2003 in Arilje, a region with a long tradition in fruit production, as a family company of the Nikolić family boasting thirty years of experience in primary raspberry production. Originally, a small raspberry freezing plant was opened with a capacity great enough to meet own production. Thanks to the engagement of all members of the Nikolić family, the company has evolved over the years and today is a serious competitor in the market for the purchase, processing and sale of frozen fruit.


With the highest standards

of quality and product safety (Global G.A.P. BRC, IFS), FRIGO-JUNIOR today extends its production capacities, invests in modernized equipment, enriches its product portfolio, thus securing the future of the company and creating the conditions to meet even the most demanding needs of customers.

With our technical, technological and human resources, we are able to meet highest quality expectations from our clients.

Following the trends and increasing market demands for organic products, in 2017 Frigo-Junior started its own organic raspberry farms on a surface area of 4 ha in an ecologically healthy environment at an altitude of over 1000m above sea level.



We are an active member of Sedex, and through the verification of compliance with the SMETA social standard in line with national legislation and international conventions, a high level of respect for employees' rights and a responsible attitude towards the environment has been confirmed.


Three Key Areas

Frigo-Junior bases its business success and further development on socially responsible business through three key areas:

  • Support for sustainable agriculture, as the future of our business depends on the long-term availability of safe and quality fruit. By taking care of our producers and their land through cooperation and continuous training, we build sustainable agricultural production, with as little environmental impact as possible.
  • Technological operations, as we can increase the supply chain efficiency and at the same time minimize our environmental impact
  • An extremely important part of the corporate social responsibility of Frigo-Junior is a fair and partner relationship with employees.

Frigo-Junior Catalogue


With our technical,
technological and human resources,
we are able to meet highest quality expectations from our clients